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Terry's Poems and Inspirational Writings, well we call them that they really belong to the Holy Spirit

We are happy for you to use any of these poems within your local church or organization or publication but if you do please drop us line so we know they have been used as it will be of great encouragement to us. Please note copyright remains with Terry Jones. We thank Terry as he has been invloved in this ministry since 2003.

Potter Making Bowl
A Sinner
News Years Eve
New Year

A Sinner

I’ve spent my life a sinner, there’s no more I can say
Then I heard of Jesus, and the stone he rolled away.
I came to know this Jesus; He taught me how to pray,
And as time passed I knew at last, why He rolled the stone away.

The nails He took were meant for me, as on the cross He lay,
He bore my sin, my soul to win, when He rolled that stone away.
He wore a crown His blood flowed down, then darkness hid the day
And as Christ died, was crucified, but He rolled the stone away.

He died for me at Calvary, the debt I cannot pay,
His pain, His strife, has changed my life, as He rolled the stone away.
My heart is Yours Lord Jesus, I come because I may
You made it possible for me, when You rolled the stone away.

We Remember

The bread is before us

The wine has been poured

Two symbols proclaiming

A crucified Lord

The bread is His body

That's broken for you

The wine is His blood

That washes anew

With His body once broken

We take of the bread

To remember a Lord

That once rose from the dead

When we lift up the cup

And partake of the wine

We remember the Lord

Our Saviour divine






I found my name the other day

It's where its always been

God placed it in the book of John

That verse from three, sixteen.


God called me whosoever

A name that I will cherish

If I believe in Jesus Christ

My soul shall never perish


For God so loved this sinful world

He gave His only Son

The name of whosoever

He gave to everyone


I do believe my name is there

God laid it on the line

My name is whosoever

And eternal life is mine







Christ is a Christmas cracker

With cotents rich and so full

He filled it up with promises

That everyone should pull


A cracker made with so much loving care

Each one, must be sought

A cracker that is priceless

And never can be bought


Inside this cracker is a gift

To ease your pain and strife

The motto reads "For those who come."

Will have eternal life.


Christ is my Christas cracker

The reason for His birth

To offer everlasting life

And peace to men on earth.







Although I'm getting older In Jesus I'm alive...
God granted me a bus pass

When I reached sixty five
He placed a bus stop near my home

Which I can use each day

You get a marvellous feeling

When I have no need to pay
We catch the bus quite often

With Phyllis by my side
It's then we show our passes

To get a nice free ride

But God can grant another pass

Just ask and you'll receive
A pass that gives Eternal life

From the moment you believe
Jesus holds our passes

That we will use with pride
For one day we will use them

When we take our final ride







Christmas Cracker
The Bus Pass


Time for a Rhyme

The Spirit always has the time
To send me words that always rhymes
My quiet place is in my bed
Where thoughts run through a tired head

With pen in hand I'll start to write
His words that come to me by night
With bleary eyes I cannot gauge
The words that run right off my page

Before another word is done
I'm fighting sleep that soon will come
I’ll fall asleep but soon I'm stirred
He's given me another word

Another word perhaps a line
I'm half asleep they can’t be mine
But by the morning I will find
Just what the Spirit had in mind

I cannot take the credit due
The words from Him are meant for you
He knows the words will do their part
And slowly stir a listening heart.

My Family Album

I have some lovely photographs
Of days that have gone by,
Out comes my magnifying glass
To roam round with my eye.

Some were taken here and there
Of those I have a few,
I’d love to know just where it was
But they left me no clue.

There’s no one left to tell me now
To put me on the track,
When I turn the picture over
There’s nothing on the back.

I see the one’s that I still love
I have that memory,
I know they’re gone, but here they are
All smiling back at me.


Have a word

Have a word with the Lord

In your time of despair

You always can find Him

In the midst of a prayer

Lay your troubles upon Him

Each time that you meet

Then empty your soul

As the Saviours feet

And He will bing comfort

That cannot be measured

That moment in prayer

Is a time to be treasured

Have a word with the Lord

And each time that you do

He'll give you an answer

That carries you through

Crowning Glory

Curious Child
Childhood's Lost
The Mistake
The Final Break
Musketeer (Live)
Potters Wheel (Live)
Potter Making Bowl

I was born with a suit                       

That I wash everyday                      

The soap that I use                           

Cannot wash sins away

The more that I washed

My suit made of skin

Although I look Clean

I am not clean within.

But when I was washed

By the blood of the lamb

I was blessed by the Father

Whose known as 'I AM'

So offer your suit

To the Lord everyday

And sin without soap

Is washed all away.

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