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Panteg Ministries provides a wealth of material and teaching, please take sometime to study these pages and the items below.

What resources do you need? Panteg Ministries can help you with -

> Bible Study
> Baptismal Preparation Material/Courses
> Membership Preparation Material/Courses
> Preaching
> Youth Ministry

> Technology

> Funerals


> Weddings


Virtual Reality Device
Bible study

It has been our experience that in most church environments Bible Study is very poor not because they want it to be that way but because people are rarely trained in how to present, prepare and share the word of God. At Panteg Ministries we provide a simple introduction to Bible Study; what does it mean, how to prepare and what is needed so that Bible Study can be successful and enjoyable for those who attend and even for those who lead.

Our Bible Study "12" is designed for those who have a heart and desire to discover what is contained within the word of God. View the Study Material pages for further detail (example pages can be found on this web site or go to the Shop pages and obtain a full copy from Lulu you will not be dissapointed).

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