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Leading a Service

To lead a service requires several skills and we could spend much time discussing the techniques of using technology such as projectors, computers, microphones and sound systems (see our technology pages). Instead this page concentrates upon our attitude and the structure of the service itself for we need to bring honour and glory to the One who the service is for. We should also at every service invite the guest of honour for after all without Him that what we do is pointless.

The important question you have to ask when leading a service is why are you there?

  • If you are doing it out of duty then your attitude is not correct

  • If you are doing it because you enjoy the limelight then your attitude is wrong0

  • If you are doing it because you are a leader then try something else

  • If you believe it is your opportunity to discuss church business because you have a captive audience then you are way off beam

  • If you are doing it because it is your go then you are missing the mark

The whole purpose of the gathering of God's people is to bring glory and honour to Him, to lift Christ Jesus up amongst ourselves and provide an opportunity for the proclamation of God's word. We must recognize what He has done and to worship Him, everything else is secondary and sets our agenda and not God's.


The Invitation

Those who love God need to invite Him. If you are involved within a church service of any kind and you fail to say the following words at the start of the service itself 'Welcome to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit', you do not have to use these exact words, and instead you carry on with the business of the church or ask for an offering or provide a welcome to those who are attending you have ignored the whole purpose, the very reason why you have gathered and the person whom you have gathered for.

We gather to worship God and to bring pleasure to Him it is not for ourselves, for it is He who has done all for us and our failure to recognize Him destroys the context of why we have gathered. This does not mean we are regimented or force what we do out of duty or habit, rather it is because we love Him, and desire His company. The majority of church services which I attend fail to welcome the King of kings and Lord of lords and the people then wonder why they do not feel blessed, the reason is simple it is because they could not be bothered to invite and welcome the One whom the whole point of the service is about.



A service must have structure it cannot be chaos, Paul tells us (1 Corinthians Chapter 14) and we should take heed of these words, we should not be in charge of chaos but we are to bring order. This does not mean we are perspective but we must support a platform that brings glory and honour to Him who we have come to worship and we must keep a balance so it is real for all those who are in attendance as Stephen Olford has recommended 'You must be Biblical and have balance'. So ensure that what is done is Biblically based and you do not become too traditional or extreme.

Example Order of Service for a Small Church with limited resources


"We welcome this day the guest of honour God the Father, Glorious Son and Powerful Holy Spirit, let us be able to worship and praise You as you deserve and be a blessing to you as you will be a blessing to us"

Song - 1 Something up beat
Song - 2 Optional second song

Welcome those who have attended and if there are any urgent notices then use this as the time to announce them

Song - 3 Something up beat

Offering (see our teaching on tithing) - Try to have these thoughts in mind, to thank God for the ability to give to Him, to honour, to thank Him for the honour of being able to give to the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Do not ask the people to tithe their time and talents it makes no sense and is not Biblical.  ​You should be aware that those who attend give to God and not to the church that they are attending.

Song - 4 Start to slow it down

Bible Reading

Prayer and the Lord's Prayer

Song - 5 A bit slower

Exposition of God's word

Song - 6 Allow for response if required

Song - 7 Optional

Close thanking God for His presence and blessing

Please note the above is just an example but always make sure that you give the time to Him and spend time in the word and prayer to draw closer to Him. Do not become the type of church that practices making hymn sandwiches and try to have more songs rather than fewer which many are in the habit of doing. If using traditional hymns try not to sing them as many do with no Spirit as they will become funeral hymns, slow and ponderous. This was not how they were written so why should we sing them this way?

Using Equipment

Microphones are one of the most useful pieces of equipment that a church can use yet so many are afraid and full of false pride and believe their voice is loud enough without them. With a little training you do not have to be afraid of microphones and you will discover that people can now hear you. They also enable you to vary the tone and pitch of your voice as you can speak softly and loudly and people will be able to hear you. With loop systems in place and a microphone those who have hearing problems can hear you as well. 

Projectors are todays hymnal but do not use them for the word if at all possible instead encourage those who attend to bring their Bibles, the sound of paper being turned over within a church is wonderful. Try not to use the projector during the exposition of God's word as you are not presenting to a board or meeting as in a company rather you are giving an exposition of God's word which should not be scripted or led by bullet points.

Worship Teams

Make sure they are able to take your congregation to the word and not distract or become the purpose for the service. While they can play an important role they are secondary to the word of God and should not be elevated.

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