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Jargon Busters


To buy back, to free or pay a price for (Galatians 3 Verses 13), release occurs when a price has been paid (Numbers 3 Verses 49; Hebrews 9 Verse 12). Christ's death paid for our disobedience (sin) and He has freed us from the bondage that we have been so willingly placed ourselves under. Jesus paid the price to release from this bondage (Ephesians 1 Verse 7)



Saviour, the divine Son of God (Matthew 1 Verses 21/ Luke 1 Verse 31) He is God the Son of Man (Matthew 3 Verse 17) He is the second Adam. Jesus always was, is and will be. He existed and was active with God the Father in creation (Colossians 1 Verses 15 to 16)



Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, sent into the world following Jesus' ascension into heaven. He convicts us, He changes us, He empowers us, He is God's manifestation of Himself in this world today. He is ever present, in all places and ready to partner with us.


Broken Concrete

"Simon, Peter"


Favour, God's free and undeserved love that never quits on us no matter what we do (Ephesians 2 Verse 8). Grace is the gift of God that comes in the form of the life of Jesus Christ (Romans 6 Verse 23)


Communion/Lord's Supper

One of the most misunderstood aspects of Christian ministry used to make congregations feel guilty and convicted. It is a simple meal an opportunity for sharing and putting yourself right with God. It is a meal that Jesus instituted with His disciples which showed the way to His sacrificial death. He said if at no other time you remember me then at least when you share  this bread and wine then remember me (Matthew 26 Verses 26 to 29)


Water Drops


John was the Baptizer because he preached baptizing, today Baptist referes to a number of Christian denominations who baptize believers by immersion.


Simon means God has heard. Peter is the Greek word for a small rock or pebble


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