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So you want to get on line?

To get on-line you need the following (there are many ways to get on-line this is just one of them):

1. Camera of some sort (DSLR, iPad or iPhone or other digital recording device)

2. Tripod

3. Music stand for your notes

4. Video editing software

5. YouTube account

6. Facebook or some social media platform

General Notes -

a. Record you message using your camera, make sure you look into the lens.

b. Ensure that the battery is fully charged and your memory card has plenty of capacity, make sure you are in focus. Memory cards also have different speeds, it may be that your DSLR may not record the session because your memory card is not fast enough. Minimum spec should be SD HC I, not all cards are created equal. If you are shooting in 4K make sure your memory cards meet the minimum specification an example card to use SanDisk Extreme 64GB U3 SDXC card, this will hold 90 minutes of  video.

c. If you are using a DSLR  beware it has limited capacity most cameras can only record 4 GB of data at anyone time, that works out  to be approximately 12 minutes of  HD video. To record more you will have to press record again.

d. Prepare your script fully

e. Break your recording up, if you are reading a Bible passage do that first and keep it separate from your main talk

f. Introduce a pause before your main talk and at the end this helps during the editing process

g. Keep it short

h. Don't be over critical of yourself and what you are doing, only listen to constructive criticism from others

i. Unless your talk is conversational in style don't sit down

j. Avoid "umms" and other annoying mannerisms and remove keys and coinage from your pockets

h. Don't pick you nose or play with your face, jewellery, tie or hair

k. Try not to use a laptop's built in camera and microphone you will be disappointed by the quality

l. YouTube has a limit of 15 minutes per video until you verify your account (clever way of obtaining your telephone number)

The Process -

1. Prepare your script

2. Get the camera ready, most devices have a microphone built in which means you must not be more than 2 metres away closer if you are in a large room

3. Check the focus and then record

4. Once you have finished your recording upload to your chosen computer

5. Load into your video editing software of choice, remove the gaps and mistakes, add pictures and titles if required

6. Render the output to mp4 format, standard definition should be adequate

7. Log into YouTube

8. Upload your video

9. Once completed make sure you have published the video

10. Use the URL that YouTube provides to link to your video

11. Copy that URL to the social media platform of your choice or load onto your web pages

Timings -

1. Prepare your script approximately 12 hours

2. Video, if all goes well, PM maximum allowance is 20 minutes, and this takes 30 to 40 minutes of time to shoot

3. Edit the video 45 minutes

4. Render 1 minute per 1 minute of video (average PC and laptop using a SSD)

5. Upload and publish your video this takes between 20 and 40 minutes depending upon its length

Typically for PM to produce a 15 minute video and if we get minimal technical issues the total time required is approximately 2 hours from start to finish (excluding the script preparation).

You have now published yourself to the world - enjoy -

Panteg Ministries uses the following for its video presence (other alternatives exist): for its web site

YouTube for its video channel

Facebook for its social media platform

Canon 1300D to capture video

Power Director for editing and creation of video files

Please note we are not affiliated to any particular manufacturer or supplier of software or equipment and we are not sponsored by any.



** Please note - Panteg Ministries is a non-profit volunteer organisation - The resources available are given "as-is" and do not contain any warranties or guarantees and should be used as guides and helps in your ministry, and activities.  **


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