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Toddler on his Tricycle

Welcome to Beginners

We all have to start somewhere and as a once famous book title said Don't Panic!

As with any subject the Christian faith is full of jargon and words which everyone thinks that they know and understand but in reality they do not:

Faith; grace; redemption; peace; blood; sacrifice; communion; follower; disciple; apostle; love; hate; conviction; condemnation; truth


Many of these words which are used by the church their meanings and context are by and large unknown and because of this they are misused and their purpose corrupted.

If I was to say "What is the only thing that you can say in truth?" what would be your response? The church is likley to respond anything in love which is untrue when in reality our response can only ever be God's word. 

If I was to say "Who was the Bible written for?" what would you response be? Most would say us or me, yet are you the Hebrew nation; are you the Philippians; are you the friend of Luke in Rome; are you the Corinthians? The Bible was not written specifically for us, yet with insight, The Spirit and with preparation and understanding much of what was written for those people long ago can then be applicable for our lives.

What does it mean to be born again? What does giving your life to God actually mean? All these things are miss-understood and church maintains its  miss-understanding of them.

We pray as you select the following pages that the definitions given here will transform your understanding in God's word.

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